10 Popular Life Hacks That Don’t Actually Work

Who doesn’t love a good life hack? The actual definition of the term “life hack” is “a tool or technique that makes an aspect of your life easier or more efficient.” So naturally, anything that does that is going to be met with smiles and appreciative nods of the head.

Of course, for every life hack that changes your life in some small way, there’s another that builds you up only to knock you down. These life hacks put the emphasis on hack (low quality, quick assembly, and generally useless), yet still populate the Internet. They’re everywhere, spread by people who haven’t tried them or who just refuse to believe anything they read could possibly be false.

Here are the top 10 life hacks I’ve found on the Internet that are not worth your time or energy. Seriously, you have better things to do than try (and fail) to make these work.

1. The Toilet Roll Smartphone Speaker

Why pay good money for those electronic gadgets that amplify your music so wonderfully when you have a perfectly good solution waiting for you in the bathroom? Well the reason is simple…an empty toilet roll is about as effective at amplifying sound as a slice of cheese.

There are many videos out there showing you how to make one of these. It’s very simple — cut a slot in the tube, and balance it with a few pins. But it’s just not worth the twenty seconds it takes to do. It sounds terrible. Yes, there are tubes that do work relatively well, such as bamboo. But empty toilet paper rolls should remain in the bathroom trashcan. Oh, and the solo cup cut in half for laptop speakers? That’s awful as well. 

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