20 Etiquette Rules on Public Transportation Every Passenger Should Remember

  • When entering public transportation, take off your backpacks and bulky handbags. They should be placed in front of you. This will also help you keep your personal things in sight and reduce the chance of something being stolen from your bag.
  • It is not acceptable to put on make-up, or comb or tie up your hair in a public place. It seems that some girls have taken the comic recommendation too seriously of putting on make-up on the way to work to save time. Or maybe they’re used to putting it on in their own car. Also, if you prefer strong perfume, use it after you leave public transportation.
  • If you want to help a stranger (especially with limited physical capabilities) enter a vehicle, do not forget to ask if they need your assistance. Perhaps your fellow passenger would be more comfortable and safe managing on their own.
  • Assess your child’s abilities adequately. Of course, you should always give up your seat for a mother with a baby in her hands, but a 5-year-old child is perfectly capable of enduring a 20-minute trip standing up. And the sight of a 12-year-old child sitting in the arms of their mother is pretty strange.
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