The Original Team Unites In Possible New ‘Avengers 4’ Promo Art

Some new potential Avengers 4 concept has surfaced online, thanks to the findings of one particular Brazilian website. The concept art unites the Avengers left behind from the Thanos’ snap at the end Avengers: Infinity War, in their new updated gear. Check it out!

At a glance it may seem like a bunch of old MCU concept art mish-mashed together but if you look closely, some of the designs of the characters line up with what we’ve heard about the film. A recent leak on Reddit is claiming that Avengers 4 will introduce a smarter, more Banner-esque Hulk, which would explain why Hulk is a fully suited up hero here. We know that Hawkeye is set to don a new Ronin alias in the film and the costume in this concept art resembles the photo of Jeremy Renner on the set (peep his leg armor and mohawk).

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