This Is What I Did To Lose Weight Fast Naturally (Without Gym Or Dieting)

how to lose weight fast naturally

Losing weight takes time. We all are excited to see the progress we make, it’s important to be patient throughout our weight loss journies. While there is no miracle pill for overnight weight loss, you will notice a difference immediately as you continue to put in work. Here is how to lose weight fast naturally.


“It’s just making the choice for myself to be healthier because I know that I’m less sick when I’m more active; I have more energy when I’m more active”– Jordin Sparks

Your weight loss journey must begin with the understanding that you are the only one responsible for making this change in your life. The only way you’ll see your desired results is if you choose to go all in and take action. Read on to check out these five habits that will help you achieve the weight loss you desire.


At the University Hospital of England, 115 overweight women underwent a study to determine the effectiveness of cutting carbs as part of a weight-loss plan. The results of the study showed that the women that were on a low-calorie plan lost five pounds, while those that were in the low carb group lost nine pounds. These results speak to the effectiveness of cutting back on carbs rather than counting calories.

Wondering how to lose weight fast naturally? While you don’t have to follow a strict diet, it is a good idea to get rid of bad carbs. Go on a carb detox to get rid of any excess weight brought on by all of the unnecessary carbs in your meals.

To cut back on your carbs, consider the meals that you eat. While that bowl of spaghetti or that box of pizza may be within your calorie limits, the sheer amount of carbs in those meals will quickly add on a few extra pounds. When you intentionally cut out carbs from your meals, you’ll soon see you’ve lost anywhere up to five pounds in the first few weeks of the detox.


Learning how to lose weight fast naturally is all about finding out exactly which changes to make to the way you eat. When cutting carbs, it is best to fill up on proteins. Proteins allow your body to find a new energy source, instead of relying on the sugars broken down from the carbs.

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